Ivermectin dosage for dog demodex?

Question by Boneymaroney:? Dosage Ivermectin for demodex dog What is the appropriate dosage per pound and the frequency of dog treat Ivermectin when Best answer?:

Answer by tom l
You will find some formula for it on the internet, just search it. Anyone who would suggest here that the formula of RPM 't think clearly, so I wouldn ' t rely on their recommendation anyway.

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4 Responses to “Ivermectin dosage for dog demodex?”

  1. tlh_98 Says:

    A case of demodex should be treated under veterinary care. They should do the prescribing of medications & monitoring of the course of treatment. Skin scrapings throughout the course will determine the length of treatment.

  2. junglequeen53 Says:

    The dose of ivermectin will be different for different dogs. Follow your Vets orders or the directions on the label . The usual dose is 0.3 mg/kg by mouth. Repeat in 14 day intervals until healed.

    Example: 20 pound dog would get 0.27 ml . this is impossible to dose so you would round up to .3 ml and give by mouth.

    Example: 40 pound dog would get .54 ml. round up to .6 ml and give by mouth.

    Hope I helped.

  3. anne b Says:

    Seeing Ivermectin is a pesticide, I would not take anything anyone says on here as correct. You need to ask your vet so you don’t overdose your dog.

  4. ;) Says:

    There are two usual ways to treat it that I have seen. One is small dosages daily by mouth for a month. You use the exact same daily dosage you would use for heartworm prevention.

    The second is a new protocol which I found on a website here.
    Our vet does this a bit differently. He does a four day high dosage just under the point of toxicity. Then a repeat in a week. The advantage is that this always works within one or two doses.

    The dosage that the vet tech gave earlier might be ok too if you knew what the strength of the ivermectin was. I assume he was talking about ivomec.

    Here is yet another link to a dosage for the disease–

    The easiest thing to do would be to call your own vet and get a dosage to be used for your dog at the strength of ivermectin you plan to use.

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