Demodectic Mange & Rubbing with Olive Oil?

Question by Pup Luvr: Demodectic Mange & Rubbing with Olive Oil??
I am fostering a dog – he’s been through a lot shelter/then kennel etc…- and he recently started losing his hair – I took him to the vet (strangely it was to the dismay of the rescue agency who I’ve come to find out is only is interested in the adoption fee, not the welfare of her dogs but that’s another story) sooo… the ‘rescue agency lady’ shows up at my house after I’ve spent the money for the vet and she says, “I shouldn’t have spent the money – he can just be rubbed with Olive Oil” – he is being treated with Ivomec, antibiotics, & KetoChlor Shampoo (he also had a secondary bacterial and yeast infection in his skin…) I looked online – wasn’t able to find a Olive Oil treatment…oil in their food yes…

Has anyone heard of this or is she just upset that she’s going to have to reimburse my vet bills?
I have sent the bills along with a letter from my vet….(she actually wanted to adopt the dog out with NO vet treatment! ) – my vet’s letter stated he needed to stay in a stable home environment!

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Answer by chihuahualady
you can not treat it with olive oil, you did the right thing!! Why don’t you adopt this baby instead of just foster?? Just thought i would ask

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5 Responses to “Demodectic Mange & Rubbing with Olive Oil?”

  1. patriciajean43 Says:

    You are doing the right thing for demodectic mange.There are some homeopathic treatments but you are doing the proven treatment.If you wait too long by using unproven or useless methods it can get very serious.

  2. MSAD Says:

    mange has to be treated with a vet.

    I’ve also heard to pour motor oil on the dog.

    That stuff is cr@p. You have to treat it medically. That means a vet.

    Good thing you have more sense in your head than that lady.

  3. Liz Says:

    Mange cannot be cured with olive oil.This woman should be reported to the animal shelter.

  4. Erin N Johnny S Says:

    I would use what the vet gave you, but i will suggest Tea Tree oil for the future. its an antiseptic, anti fungal, and it fixes up mange, kills fleas, mites… great for many things…

    I havent ever heard of olive oil… either way, you can never go wrong taking any animal to see a professional if there health is involved. kudos to you!

  5. sarah Says:

    How sad… some rescue.
    Kudos to you for actually caring.

    Mange is a parasite – you need antiparasitics to kill… parasites.
    When your vet did a skin scrape, the slide is taken in to the lab, where OIL is applied to the slide to prevent the mites from slipping off. Anyone who has ever looked at a skin scrape knows that oil certainly does not kill mites of any sort.

    I might ask your vet to dig up a little information for you to back up your case. She mind as well gain a little much-needed education from it all.

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